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Music Instruction

Private lessons, classes and workshops. Private lessons taught for all levels on saxophone, clarinet, and flute. Beginning piano lesson taught for age 10 and above. Lessons are held in the Seattle area.


Concerts, gigs, events! Tobi performs in many different settings: Solo, Duo, Trio, Quartet, Large Ensemble, Symphony Orchestra. She plays jazz, classical, pop, rock, soul, folk, reggae, world, new music

What Tobi's students say

"My 12 year old son has been Tobi's student for more than two years. He started as a way to keep practicing his clarinet over the summer. He enjoyed the lessons and progressed so much that he continued during the school year. With her help, he was also able to quickly pick up the saxophone for jazz band. When asked about Tobi, he said, " She pushes me to do harder stuff." Cooper age 12

I have played the saxophone for nearly 10 years and started taking lessons with Tobi in spring of 2016. Finding a teacher off a craigslist ad, I had no idea what to expect when I arrived at her home for my first lesson, but I was pleasantly surprised.  

Tobi is patient, kind and an extremely good communicator. Her wealth of musical knowledge is vast and she always has ideas on how to improve your technique, sound or advance your knowledge of music theory. Since starting lessons last year, I have made significant and meaningful improvements in my playing. Our time together is one of the highlights of my week. 

I have already and will continue to recommend Tobi to other musicians looking to make great strides in their musical abilities."

Brian age 24


I’m an adult student of Tobi’s and have been studying with her for nearly two years. My main instrument is the sax, but I came to Tobi to learn the flute for a sax/flute gig that I landed. I needed help in a hurry, and have been studying with her ever since! 

Tobi has helped me with improvisation skills, technique, and now she is even helping me to learn to play the clarinet.

Tobi is patient, encouraging, and organized. I leave each lesson with clear objectives and exercises to work on. Most importantly, she reminds me to HAVE FUN! 

  • Jeff (September 2017)

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